Harrington Park

Business Summary
Therapy and Coaching for Individuals, Couples and Groups for Enhancing Mental Health and Wellbeing. Hypnotherapy. Mindfulness Meditation. Medical Meditation. Mind Coaching. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Emotional Freedom Technique. Positive Psychology.
About Us

We endeavour that our efforts can bring benefits and valuable insights to everyone who seeks a breakthrough.

At Satori Self Development, we are convinced that you can improve your health and life circumstances.

We listen, and

  • Attend to your specific physical, mental, emotional and behavioural concerns
  • Provide you with comprehensive information and skill set on ‘how’ to move forward in your life
  • Work together with you to evoke your natural resources of self-confidence, inner strength and clarity
  • Get results (see Testimonials)
  • Using proven techniques (see Techniques) which deliver exceptional results in an extraordinary, distinguished and natural way.

If you or someone else you know has reasons to be concerned, contact us now...