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About the Middle School

Boys' Education in the Middle School Setting

The middle years are a truly exciting and challenging time. We, as a staff dedicated to the education of young boys assist our students to channel their time and energy into the most productive pursuits which will ultimately benefit not only themselves at a personal level, but also contribute to a more positively resilient community and culture.

We are conscious of the specific needs of boys as they transition to authentic young men. Students are at the heart of our decision-making when developing our structures, programs and policies. Middle Years learners are individuals who come from a range of linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds.

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Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Sacred Heart College Middle School (SHCMS) website. Whatever your reason for visiting these pages I hope you find the information and images relevant to your needs. Through this site, we aim to provide students, parents, carers, friends of SHCMS and prospective families an insight into life at the School.

SHCMS is a Catholic School in the Marist tradition providing education for boys from Year 6 to 9 in the South West Region of Adelaide South Australia. The School also caters for up to twelve boarders who reside at the boarding house at Somerton Park.

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SHCMS is proactive in providing for the pastoral care of all students enrolled at the College. This care for the wellbeing of students is given life through the various programs, experiences and structures provided by the College. More importantly, however, this care for each person underpins all of our relationships –

“Love those entrusted to your care.” Marcellin Champagnat

With a distinctive Marist style of educating, the College has a holistic approach to student wellbeing. Learning and wellbeing are interconnected and flourish where teaching and learning is inclusive, dynamic, student-centred and relevant.

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Student Development

Student Development at Sacred Heart College Middle School (SHCMS) is of prime importance. It is based on the Gospel values of hope, love, faith, forgiveness, justice, community, service and courage. The Student Development program is based on concern for the welfare and total development of the individual underpinned by mutual respect for all members of the school community.

The realisation of this development program comes about through the affirmation and achievement of all students and the development of student responsibilities whereby all students are expected to be:

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Camp Programs

Camp activities are designed so that from year to year the boys are asked to be more independent of staff, and more dependent on themselves and others. We try to extend the demands on their physical endurance, and help them to accept challenges in well supervised situations. These experiences are considered to be very important in the development of social and emotional maturity, as well as in leadership training.

Thus they are a compulsory component of the curriculum.

The Year 6 camp is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to learn new skills, gain some independence, create new friendships and have lots of fun.

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