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Choose RSPCA first - animals available for adoption at RSPCA are medically and behaviourally sound, most have not been neglected, and are perfectly healthy and sociable, simply waiting for a new home and a loving family. Please think about your next family member coming from RSPCA.

Do not support the problem of pet overpopulation in Australia, do not support the profit making intensive breeding industry - support animal welfare, support RSPCA.

Support Us

RSPCA Tasmania is supported by members of the community just like you. We rely almost entirely on the generosity of the public to continue to provide care and shelter for over 8,000 abused, abandoned, surrendered and neglected animals each year. There are many ways that you can support the important work that we do.

Surrenders and Adoptions

Every year, thousands of animals come into the care of RSPCA, from cats and dogs through to pigs, horses and cockatoos. Whether neglected, abused or abandoned, these beautiful animals need homes, love and care.

All RSPCA animals are desexed, vaccinated and wormed before they are adopted. In some cases a provision is made for desexing after adoption with an RSPCA-approved veterinarian.

The cost of adoption varies according to the animal, and according to the RSPCA shelter where the pet is being cared for. (Typical RSPCA adoption prices guide only, please contact your nearest shelter for details).

Cats and kittens: $180 (includes free Bronze membership)

Dogs and puppies: $250 (includes free Bronze membership)

To find your new best friend please go to

Report Cruelty

RSPCA Inspectors investigate complaints about all kinds of animals in all kinds of situations, right across the State. The most common complaints are failure to provide the animals with appropriate food, water, shelter or veterinary treatment, or concerns relating to their living conditions.

To investigate a complaint in Tasmania, RSPCA Inspectors require a reasonable belief to suspect that an animal cruelty offence has been committed.

It is therefore essential that you provide contact details so they can confirm the facts and gather more information.

Your contact details remain strictly confidential and are protected in accordance with Tasmanian privacy legislation.

Please note that you must be 18 years or older to lodge a cruelty complaint.

Volunteering & Employment

RSPCA ACT operates a professional, contemporary workplace and to be part of our team you will not only need to be a person of high integrity, you will need to be intelligent and passionate. You will also need to be mature, pragmatic and have a hunger for improving the lives of animals and people in the ACT.

Our best days lie ahead of us and you can be part of our team.

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