About Us
Rotor-Lift was established in 1991 and is the proud operator of the Tasmania Police Westpac Rescue Helicopter. We have a distinguished reputation for excellence in service, reliability and readiness that is required for the specialist needs of our clients.

Rotor-Lift has an impeccable safety record that is envied by many of our competitors.

We are leading the way within the Australian Helicopter Industry. Rotor-Lift utilizes some of the latest technology available in the world today such as night vision devices and flight tracking systems to enhance safety within our operation. We are the only company in Australia approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to conduct night vision goggle training.

Services We Offer

Rotor-Lift maintains the capability and experience for the provision of a wide range of helicopter services in Tasmania some of which are;

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Search and Rescue
  • Police Operations
  • Aerial Fire Fighting
  • Flood Relief Operations
  • Power line and Pipeline Surveys/Inspections
  • Aerial Crane (Sling Load Operations)
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Support
  • Aerial Filming and Photography
  • Mining Exploration and Sampling Geographical Surveys
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Corporate and VIP Charter


Situated at Hobart International Airport, the Rotor-Lift Advanced Flying Academy offers comprehensive advanced flying training courses in its fleet of both single and multi-engine helicopters.

Helicopter training with the spectacular and diverse Tasmanian environment as their training ground, students flying with Rotor-Lift gain invaluable experience from the dynamic weather.

patterns of the deep southern latitude, right on Hobart’s doorstep.

Rotor-Lift's Advanced Flying Academy is currently the only helicopter school in Australia to offer Multi Engine Training Approval (META) courses for experienced instructors or check captains. We are also proud to be the first flying school in Australia to be approved for night vision goggle training, for pilots and crewman.

Payment Methods