About Us

Roger’s Waste Services are a mainstay of the Tamworth community and have been for over 20 years. Current owners, Greg and Wendy Quigley took over in 2008 and take great pride in their family oriented and friendly approach to waste services and cardboard removal. Our service stands apart from others because we put our clients first, every time. We have four full time staff on board to help you with your next waste service solution.

We might be in a messy business but we certainly don’t mess about. Our business is all about keeping our bins clean. We completely and stridently clean all of our bins after use and all of our bin rooms and storage areas. This reduces any odors that your bins generate and will keep your peace of mind and your customers and employees content. This is important if you own a restaurant, retail shop, cafe or any type of business that takes pride in its presentation to potential customers and clients.

What We Do

Over 140 businesses in the Tamworth area choose Roger’s Waste Services. We’re known for our friendly, quality and prompt waste removal services. We’ve been doing this successfully for well over 20 years. With four experienced and personable full time staff, we have the time to help you get your rubbish out of the way with a minimum of fuss. Our rubbish removal and cardboard recycling service can help your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Our clients in Tamworth include:

All Tamworth McDonalds Restaurants

  • Tamworth Square
  • Centrepoint Shopping Centre
  • Northgate Shopping Centre
  • Calrossy Anglican School
  • TelstraAnd many more!