About Us
About Us

Invensys is a global technology company that works in partnership with a broad range of industrial and commercial customers to design and supply advanced technologies that optimise their operational performance and profitability.

From oil refineries and power stations to mining companies and appliance manufacturers, our market-leading software, systems and controls enable our customers to monitor, control and automate their products and processes, thereby maximising safety, efficiency, reliability and ease of use.


Our Software business is one of the world's leading developers and suppliers of industrial software with strong positions in visualisation and supervisory control, process design, simulation and optimisation, real-time operations management and asset management. More

Industrial Automation

Our Industrial Automation business is a global supplier of control systems, safety systems and instrumentation to customers operating some of the world's largest and most complex industrial plants, such as oil refineries, power stations (both fossil fuel and nuclear) and petrochemical plants. More

Energy Controls

Our Energy Controls business designs and manufactures a range of process, heating, temperature and remote monitoring controls used in industrial, residential and commercial applications. More


Our Appliance business designs and manufactures components and systems that control the operation of appliances, including cooking, refrigeration, laundry and dishwashing, in both the residential and commercial sectors. More