Business Summary
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About Us

Roads and Maritime Services is a NSW government agency established on 1 November 2011 under s.46 of the Transport Administration Act 1988.

Roads and Maritime is an operating agency within the Transport cluster. Transport for NSW is at the centre of the Transport cluster with responsibility for setting the strategic direction and guiding an extended network of public and private service delivery agencies to provide improved transport outcomes.

Roads and Maritime is the operating agency delivering value for our customers and the community through safe, efficient and quality road and maritime networks as part of the transport system.

Our key priorities include:

  • Plan, design, build, maintain and operate safe and secure networks to meet customer needs and improve overall satisfaction
  • Deliver regulatory services to promote and improve customer safety
  • Keep customers informed about our activities, minimise network disruptions and enable efficient reliable journeys
  • Deliver value at every stage of network development
  • Respectfully engage communities at all stages of our work
  • Embed sustainability and minimise the environmental impact of our activities
  • Maintain the credibility and reputation of our organisation
  • Collaborate across government to support safe and secure special events
  • Integrate network planning with broader land use and transport planning (via regional, district, growth area and precinct plans)
  • Integrate networks with the broader transport system including major infrastructure projects in metropolitan and regional NSW
  • Deliver projects to support growth centres and priority precinct activation and contribute to delivery of the Greater Sydney District Plans
  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace
  • Develop people, innovative technology, systems and processes to support delivery
  • Inform, integrate and enable Transport for NSW strategy, policy and plans
  • Operate within our budgets and make the right network investments at the right time
  • Build a diverse and inclusive organisation to better reflect the community
  • Ensure clear governance and accountability for decision making across the organisation
We deliver projects and programs to reliably and safely improve the movement of people and goods by various transport modes, including through the road and freight network, NSW waterways, the public transport network and active transport such as cycling and pedestrian networks. 
What We Do

Roads and Maritime provides a range of services to customers such as vehicle and vessel registration and licensing, supplying up-to-date and accurate travel time information, and delivering traffic alerts and updates. Roads and Maritime strives to engage with customers and the community to understand their needs and consider these when making decisions.

Our core services include:

  • Build and maintain infrastructure
  • Provide licence and registration services
  • Manage compliance to rules and regulations
  • Provide safety management services
  • Deliver traffic management services
  • Deliver environmental solutions
  • Manage tolling services
  • Regulate users of roads and waterways
Does the peer passenger condition apply to all P1 holders?
No. The peer passenger condition only applies to P1 drivers who are under 25 years of age.
What are the changes to licence renewals?
From 16 March 2015, holders of unrestricted class C and/ or R licences aged 21 to 44 are eligible to opt for a 10-year renewal. This follows a recommendation of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal review called Reforming Licensing in NSW. The change has been introduced to enhance customer experience by minimising the amount of times a customer needs to attend a registry or service centre.
Who do the changes apply to?
The changes apply to customers aged 21 or over.
How long is it valid?
It’s valid for five years or 10 years. The 10-year Photo Card is only available to customers 21 years and over.
What if I'm disqualified again while I have a one passenger condition?
A new 12-month passenger restriction will be applied from the next issued provisional licence.
I was disqualified before the scheme started. Will I have a condition when I get my licence back?
No. The passenger and vehicle conditions only apply to provisional drivers who are disqualified for a driving offence committed on or after 11 July 2005. However, the peer passenger restriction will apply if you are under 25 years old.
What are the changes to the way Photo Cards are issued?
From 16 March 2015, eligible customers aged 21 or over may apply for a 10-year Photo Card. The 10-year Photo Card will be available in addition to the existing 5-year Photo Card.
I obtained my P-plate licence after 1 August 2014. How do the new rules affect me?
Although P-plate drivers will have a greater choice of vehicles to drive from 1 August 2014, it’s important to note that there are some vehicles that were previously ok to drive that are now banned.
What are the NSW licensing changes for visiting drivers from overseas?
From 16 March 2015, for visiting temporary overseas drivers wishing to apply for a NSW licence, we are removing the minimum six month waiting period before a licence application can be made and removing the restriction which allows for the issue of a 12-month licence only.
Will the ‘Q’ condition still appear on the licence?
Yes, driver licences issued to temporary overseas visitors will continue to show a letter ‘Q’ in the conditions section of the front of a licence card, and the words ‘Evidence of permanent resident status not provided’ will be shown on the back of the card.
Currently I have a 1 year ‘Q’ condition driver licence, can I come in and get a longer duration licence?
You can apply for a driver licence of longer validity period when your current driver licence is due for renewal.
I am a temporary overseas visitor applying for a learner licence, what does this mean for me?
Once all the requirements for a learner licence are met, you will be issued a learner licence for the duration of 5 years and the licence will show the ‘Q ‘condition on the front of the licence. A 1-year duration applies for a rider learner licence.