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Business Summary
We cater to all beliefs, needs and expectations.
About Us

We are a family business and are well known for our professional service. With each family we encounter it is our intention to do the very best we can in all we do. It is important for families to feel as peaceful as possible during the Funeral process as this is often an emotional and stressful time, where people may find it difficult to think. It is our intention to provide a peaceful environment for families to gather around where they are safe to share their family stories and to create together a service that honours the life once lived.

As a team we collectively value others, we respect that each person is an individual and that as individuals we have varying beliefs, needs and expectations. Our team is trained to listen to the needs of those around them, to respect your wishes and to assist in all ways to ensure your Funeral Service is fitting.

We understand that people need closure, and that this can be arrived at in many and varied ways. Some people seek closure through a Church Service with Hymns and Scripture, whilst others seek closure during a wake by gathering with family and friends and sharing stories.

There is no right or wrong way to say farewell to another. We are able to share with you our experience, to assist you to create the type of farewell you need.

What We Do
  • 24hr assist
  • Prompt transfer of deceased into our care
  • Mortuary care; including mortuary transfers interstate
  • Staff suited to undertake religious and non-religious farewell services
  • Liaising with councils, cemeteries, crematoriums and other facilities
  • Placing of funeral notices
  • Obtaining all medical certificates
  • Local cremations
  • Guidance if required, in selecting coffin, casket, urns and keepsakes, with eco-friendly options available
  • Visual/audio/multimedia options
  • Flexible funeral service options