Riverina Plaster Works


Wagga Wagga

About Us

Riverina Plaster Works is the largest and most comprehensive plastering & insulation contractor and supplier in southern NSW. Its high quality tradesmanship across all commercial and residential works has allowed it to be involved in most of the region's cornerstone building projects over the last 100 years.

About Us

Riverina Plaster Works was opened in 1908 by the Terry family. From its original premises in Salmon Street, Wagga, it specialised in the manufacture and installation of decorative cornices and ceiling moulds - many of these still exist in older homes located around central Wagga and surrounding farming areas.

After the business' purchase by the Croker family in 1971, it relocated to Norton Street, and expanded into the supply and installation of insulation in the early 1980's. Following consistent growth in all divisions, the business required larger premises, and in 2011 moved to their new site located at 165 Hammond Avenue.



Riverina Plaster Works has over 100 years of combined experience in commercial projects relating to construction, renovation and fit-out. These projects often incorporate:

  • Steel stud systems
  • Internal linings
  • External cladding systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Fire-rated wall & ceiling systems
  • Acoustic wall & ceiling systems


Riverina Plaster Works can cover all forms of residential and domestic linings, including:

  • New houses, townhouses and units
  • Wall and ceiling renovations
  • Restorations, repairs and patch-work
  • External cladding
  • Insurance claims, eg water damage, storm damage


Due to recent introduction of new building codes on energy conservation, and requirements for vendors to supply energy ratings at sale, the importance of insulation has become more apparent to all property owners, regardless of whether they're constructing or simply owning.

Riverina Plaster Works can supply and install in all residential, commercial and industrial applications. For enquiries regarding insulation, please contact Rod Beattie via phone (02) 6921 5355.