About Us

The Reserve Bank of Australia is Australia's central bank. It conducts monetary policy, works to maintain a strong financial system and issues the nation's currency. As well as being a policy-making body, the Reserve Bank provides selected banking and registry services to a range of Australian government agencies and to a number of overseas central banks and official institutions. It also manages Australia's gold and foreign exchange reserves.

The Reserve Bank pursues national economic policy objectives and undertakes a range of associated activities in financial markets and banking. It also issues Australia's banknotes and operates infrastructure critical to the payments system. Staff, and others who are involved in the activities of the Bank, have a critical role to play in achieving these objectives, whether directly or in a supporting role. They are advised of their responsibility to conduct themselves with a high degree of integrity, to strive for excellence in the work they perform and the outcomes they achieve and to promote the public interest. Their behaviour is guided by a Code of Conduct, which sets out the Bank's requirements of its employees and others who are involved in its activities. This Code embodies the following values:

Promotion of the public interestWe serve the public interest. We ensure that our efforts are directed to this objective, and not to serving our own interests or the interests of any other person or group.

Integrity - We are honest in our dealings with others within and outside the Bank. We are open and clear in our dealings with our colleagues. We take appropriate action if we are aware of others who are not acting properly.

Excellence - We strive for technical and professional excellence.

Intelligent inquiry - We think carefully about the work we do and how we undertake it. We encourage debate, ask questions and speak up when we have concerns.

Respect - We treat one another with respect and courtesy. We value one another's views and contributions.