Refract Vehicle Detailing

The Art of Shine
Business Summary
Refract car care products are a carefully selected professional team of vehicle detailers that have internationally accredited detailing training.
About Us

We have Detailing running through our vanes day in day out. Our Vision, Passion and Drive to source, modify, engineer, test and recommend is something we all take very seriously. We don’t offer or recommend anything that we don’t personally use ourselves in our Detailing Studios.

We hope that our long awaited Website will help each and every one of you to Strive for excellence, reduce your costs of detailing and realise that quality shouldn’t be compromised by price.

With a range of products (With some Refract Personally Developed ones) that have never been seen in Australia or New Zealand before that we are sure to increase your detailing experience.

We promise we will work hard every day to bring you the world’s best detailing products. From a Simple Detailing but effective Brush to top quality Si02 Ceramic Paint and Surface Kit. We will aim to deliver what YOU want at affordable prices.