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Chris Reeve & Co. Solicitors is a law firm conveniently located in the coastal area of Noosa in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Our firm is managed by Chris Reeve, a lawyer who was admitted in 1977 and has been practising in the Noosa area since 1979.

We practice in most areas of Law, specialising in Residential and Commercial Conveyancing, Wills and Estates, Trusts and Financial Planning, Leases, Family and De Facto Law, Personal Injuries, Commercial and General Litigation, as well as serving as Honorary Solicitor for numerous community organisations.

Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

Having been active in conveyancing in Queensland since 1979, Chris and his team will ensure that your purchase or sale proceeds with as little fuss and problems as possible, and if you are buying that you obtain good title to your property. We recommend that you let us look over the

Contract before you sign (at no extra charge) to ensure that all your needs and procedures are met. You will find that our fees are competitive.

With commercial properties and businesses and leases, we have extensive experience in these areas, acting for both landlords and tenants, and are familiar with the law and market developments.

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Personal Injuries

Where you have a good case and have suffered a significant injury or damage, we will in select cases leave our costs recovery until the end, which may assist you in being able to make the claim.

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Family & De Facto Law

Both these areas are now under the Family Law Act, but operate in different ways, and it is essential that you obtain knowledgeable advice. We can help you with Binding Financial Agreements for before, during, and after relationships and can give you an insight into what the Courts consider to be a fair thing (provided we have full details).

It can often help a relationship if your legal rights and entitlements as well as liabilities are agreed, and after separation such agreements can save significant costs of contested proceedings, as can advice on the likely outcome of those proceedings to assist in reaching a settlement.

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Other Practice Areas

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