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Chemical and Metal Stripping
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In the Redi-Strip cleaning process, we use a unique patented, and Environmentally Friendly Alkaline Chemical Cleaning Compound SHS. This is a completely non-destructive, immersion metal cleaning process for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. This process not only Strips Paints, Powder coatings, Grease and Grime but also Removes Rust and Scale while also Loosening and Derusting Threads.

What is unique about the Redi-Strip process is, it Will Not Alter or Remove Any of the Parent Metal, and when finished leaves a light anti corrosive film covering the original material helping stop the formation of surface rust forming on your freshly cleaned equipment. Your equipment will finish looking as good as new.

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Our eco-friendly, advanced, industry leading cleaning system provides a quantum leap forward from previous industrial methods. Some cleaning methods can have potentially surface damaging results. Like panel rippling, etching, or the like. We use a soft acting, unique method of complete metal based cleaning.

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What We Do
  • Rust Removal
  • Coating & Paint Removal
  • Cleaning & Grease Removal  
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