Business Summary
Pastoral Care of Students and Families Is a Distinctive Feature of the College's Ethos and Many Parents Refer to RLC as “the Caring School”.
About Us

A Co-educational Christian College for Prep to Year 12

Redeemer Lutheran College, located on the border of Brisbane and Logan cities, draws its 1,040 students from a wide area including Redlands, Brisbane and south to Beenleigh. A co-educational P-12 school of the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District, Redeemer offers a holistic education with clear expression of the Christian faith in which all College relationships and practices are shaped and informed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


What makes Redeemer different to other schools?
Redeemer is so much more than a great school, and there are many elements which define the 'Redeemer Difference'. But at the heart of who we are, are the following three areas that shape us into the unique learning environment that the Redeemer community are proudest of: Our Culture, Our Programs and Our Environment. Click here to read more, and to discover the reasons why our families have chosen Redeemer as their school of choice.
What do Lutheran’s believe?
In the words of the classic Lutheran summary of faith, we believe that we are saved 'by grace, for Christ's sake, through faith'. In other words, there is nothing we can do to earn God's favour or to gain eternal life. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus Christ has won all this and more for us. We also believe that only the Bible is the source of inspiration and teaching.
Are all of your teachers Christian?
The clear majority of Redeemer staff identify themselves as Christian, with all staff being supportive of the Christian ethos of the College.
Do students sit an entry test or interview?
No, we do not ask new students to sit an entry test. All students who are enrolled at the college are however interviewed, which simply gives you an opportunity to meet us, and for us to get to know you and your child, together with any strengths or challenges that your child might have.
What years of schooling does Redeemer offer?
Redeemer Lutheran College offers a seamless education from Prep through to Year 12. Redeemer will accept applications at any year level from Prep to Year 12 and offers will be made depending on availability of places and in accordance with our enrolment policy.
Can we enrol our child at any year level and at any time?
Redeemer invites applications at any time throughout the year for any year level from Prep to Year 12 and offers will be made depending on availability of places and in accordance with our enrolment policy.
When should I lodge an application?
While it is not necessary to place an Application for Enrolment at birth, Redeemer does recommend that you apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
What are your class sizes?
The College Policy for class sizes is approximately 26 students in each class from Prep-Year 3, and approximately 28 students in each class from Years 4-6. Core classes in Years 7-12 range in size from approximately 25-29 students per class.
Does Redeemer have Sport Houses? What are the colours? Will my child be in the same House as me?
Yes, Redeemer Lutheran College has four Houses which are used for a variety of sporting and cultural activities. Lavarack (red), Mansfield (green), Ramsay (yellow) and Wilson (purple). Children of past students are placed into the same House as their parents.