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RC Urquhart was originally started by Robert Campbell Urquhart in 1935 and operated from his home in West Heidelberg. It was a small family business providing commercial and domestic plumbing services to businesses and home owners in the local communities.

The company was renowned for its quality of work and innovation highlighted by Robert's idea of using petrol driven tractor engine as a heat exchanger to provide hot water to workers at PWB Chains in 1939, a company that RC Urquhart continues to supply quality plumbing services to today.

The business became a member of the Master Plumbers Association in 1951 and has now remained a member for over 60 years.


We provide the following services

  • Sewer and storm water drainage
  • Trade waste drainage and grease trap works
  • Hydrant and hose reel systems
  • Water supply
  • Gasfitting
  • Roofing
  • Drain clearing and inspection service
  • Water tank installation, above and below ground
  • Hot water service installation and change over
  • Mini excavator hire
  • Scissor lift hire