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About Us
About Us

QMRS - Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to Provide Leading Edge Emergency Response Capability within the Mining Industry

QMRS - Our Vision

QMRS will be a World Leader in Emergency Management

  • QMRS is the leader in the provision of mines rescue services.
  • QMRS facilities are innovative and world class.
  • QMRS is utilising advanced technology systems to enhance training to world-class standards.

  • The MEMS expands into "Emergency Preparedness" and embraces a wider mining audience.
  • The GAG Unit is a world leader in emergency response and specialist training in inertisation systems.

QMRS - Our Mission

QMRS, through Leadership, Expertise and Inspired Team Members Advances World Class preparedness and Emergency Response Capability at all Times.


A brief history of mines rescue in Queensland

The first mines rescue brigade was formed on the Ipswich coal fields in 1909 with the first permanent mines rescue station being built there in 1923. As the mining industry expanded throughout the state, further brigades were formed and stations built at Collinsville, Blackwater, Moura and Dysart.

The state was separated into three divisions - Southern, Central & Northern; each with a separate management committee responsible for providing a rescue capability to the mines in its area.

Funding was provided on a one third share basis between the coal mining companies, the Department of Mines and the Queensland Workers Compensation Board (now Workcover Queensland).

Our Team

Wayne Hartley

Chief Executive Officer

Clive Hanrahan

Operations Manager - GAG Operations, specialising in Fire Fighting and currently QMRS spokesperson on Inertisation and Fire Operations. Equipment, Service and Maintenance Systems.

Mark Freeman

Operations Manager - Mine Emergency Management System Training, specialising in Open Cut Competencies and Team Member training.

Geoff Nugent

Operations Manager - Mine Rescue Operations and specialising in gases and ventilation.

Cole Klease

Operations Manager - Training / OH & S

Ray Smith

Operations Manager - Equipment

Andy Neville

Senior Training Officer

Jason Andrews-Reid

Senior Training Officer

Darren Prince

Training Officer


Mines rescue teams are able to compete in rescue competitions each year. Competitions not only provide an opportunity for teams to get together but are essential in allowing rescue teams to demonstrate and refine their skills in a simulated emergency environment.

Typical exercises include recovering/treating persons injured underground, timbering, firefighting, dressage, mapping, FAB procedures and first aid. Teams also complete a theory assessment.

In Queensland teams compete for the QMRS Memorial cup and EK Healy cup, with successful teams going through to compete at national level in the Australian Underground Mines Rescue Competition.

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