Business Summary
Treat your furry friend with a warm and relaxing hydrobath complete with shampooing, conditioning, ear/eye clean, towel & blowdry and cologne! Your pooch will love you for it!
About Us

Welcome to our brand new business Pups & Pooches Divine. The perfect place to spoil your fluffy fur buddy. Is your pooch a little on a smelly side? Freshen them up with a relaxing hydrobath bath complete with shampooing, conditioning, blow dry, nail clipping, ear cleaning and deodorant! 
Your pet will smell and look fresher than ever! All i need is power and water supply! With my warm hydrobath, I will ensure your best mate is as comfortable as possible! I have a professional range of shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for dog coats to ensure they are getting rid of all that grease/grime and dirt, yet gentle on the most sensitive of skin. Rest assured, your fluffy fur buddy will be getting the best out of every wash! During pooches time with us, they will be spoilt with treats, love and affection. With our mobile dog wash, there is no pooch too far! 

What We Do

Our budget friendly prices are $30 per dog (more than one dog is $25) + $10 if you live more than 25km out. NOW OFFERING DOG WALKING!!! Is your pooch full of energy and you are too busy to take them for exercise? I will be delighted to do it for you! For just $20 per 30 minutes, I will make sure your fluffy buddy get their daily exercise.