Pudding Lane®

Made in Australia
Business Summary
This is the Quality, without compromise, that we put into each and every pudding that we individually hand-make.
About Us

Pudding Lane® began as a home-based family business and over the years has proudly and with a constant dedication and devotion to quality become Australia's finest producer of the traditional "boiled-in-the-cloth" Christmas Pudding. 

From an inherited Prize-Winning Family Recipe our International-Award Winning Puddings are proudly hand-made in Newcastle Australia with the finest of 100% Australian Vine fruits & select ingredients; fresh local free range eggs, fresh butter, locally baked fresh bread (that we crumb), flour, spices & finest matured in Oak Australian Brandy from the Barossa Valley. 

Each and every Pudding we make is individually mixed, weighed out and shaped, tied up in natural Calico with string, boiled in the cloth, in the traditional method for many hours in old style gas fired "coppers" then hung individually on a line to naturally dry, age & mature to perfection.