Primary Industries and Regions SA - Glenside

Also known as
  • Seed Services Australia
  • Fruit Fly Hotline


33 Flemington Street, Glenside SA 5065

Business Summary
Our purpose is to grow primary industries and drive regional development. Our agriculture, food, wine and forestry industries are a major employer and our largest export sector accounting for more than half of the state's merchandise exports. Primary industries and agribusiness directly generated $14.8 billion in revenue in 2017-18, which includes final sales from all primary production and associated processing. Our regions also make a substantial contribution to the state's economy, not only through agribusiness but also through mining and minerals processing, manufacturing, tourism and energy production. Regional South Australia contributes about $25 billion to the state's economy (revenue from all industries in 2015-16) with just 29% of the state's population.