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Valuers & Consultants
About Us

Preston Rowe Paterson was formed during late 1988 as an association of National Corporate Property Consultancy firms.

More specifically we are a firm of:

  • Property Valuers
  • Plant & Machinery Valuers
  • Property Consultants
  • Asset Performance Managers
  • Property Research Analysts
  • Development Consultants
  • Property Fund & Portfolio Advisors

Today we operate throughout Australia. Since the inception of the firm it has been our philosophy to build a well-respected, professional service oriented association of property valuers and consultants on a national basis. Our main objective is to provide a total property consultancy service to our corporate and private clients.

Property Valuers

As Property Valuers we strive to provide our clients with as much information regarding a property as is available. This information includes detailed analysis and reporting which emphasises the basis upon which the valuation has been made and the background data upon which the property has been assessed.

We make every attempt to ensure that our valuation reports are unrivalled in our industry by constantly monitoring and updating our formats with the benefit of the latest available technology.

Plant & Machinery

Our Plant and Machinery valuation division undertake valuations of real property and personal property (plant, machinery, furniture, fittings and equipment) for insurance, financial reporting and disposal/acquisition purposes. Insurance valuations are prepared on either a new for old basis or an indemnity basis to comply with the Industrial Special Risks Advisory Policy Wording.

Asset Valuations for financial reporting purposes are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Corporations and Securities Legislation, the International Asset Valuations Standards Committee and the Australian Accounting Standards Board.

Property Consultants

As Property Consultants, we undertake individual property and portfolio analysis wherein we benchmark performance against other forms of investment, types of property and economic indicators.

This is an increasingly important part of Preston Rowe Paterson's services given the growing magnitude of the listed property trust and the property syndication sectors and the resultant need to relate property investment to other forms of investment such as fixed interest and other listed securities.

Asset Performance Manager

As Asset Performance Managers, we strive to maximise the rental income derived from properties whilst at the same time, maintaining full occupancy. Furthermore, in our asset management charter we set out to minimise building expenditure and outgoings without sacrificing standards of maintenance required to attract and retain tenants.

By addressing these two issues as priorities, we strive to maximise and maintain growth in net rental incomes of behalf of our client owners.