Business Summary
To enhance the quality of life and well-being of all people in Western Australia by contributing to making our State a safe and secure place.
About Us

Western Australia Police is one of eight police jurisdictions in Australia and is responsible for policing the world's largest single police jurisdiction covering 2.5 million square kilometres with a structure comprising two regions, 11 districts and 157 police stations.

Frontline 2020

Frontline 2020 is a major reform program that will extensively restructure WA Police to best deal with increasing demands in a climate of finite resources.

Building on the Frontline First philosophy, Frontline 2020 will examine all aspects of the delivery of frontline policing services, aiming to be more even more efficient, more productive, and more locally focused.

What We Do
  • Policing Major Events
  • Traffic
  • Crime - Property, Graffiti, Check My Crime
  • Infringement Payments and Enquiries
  • Crime Stoppers - Report Crime and Suspicious Behaviour
  • Licensing - Firearms, Security, Pawnbrokers
  • National Police Certificates
  • Report Stolen or Damaged Property
  • Report My Lost Property
  • Register a Party
  • Alcohol and Drugs Intervention Extensions
  • Commendations and Complaints
Can I have my conviction record destroyed/expunged?
No. There is no obligation for WA Police to destroy any conviction record information at any time. However, you may be eligible to apply for a spent conviction. Having a conviction declared spent effectively limits the disclosure of that conviction. For example, a conviction which has been spent is not listed on a National Police Certificate.
What is a Spent Conviction?
Having a conviction declared spent effectively limits the disclosure of that conviction. For example, a conviction which has been spent is not listed on a National Police Certificate. However, certain government departments, licensing bodies as well as the Police and Courts of Law have exemptions under the Spent Convictions Act 1988 and have access to convictions that have been spent.
Can I apply for a National Police Certificate via WA Police while interstate?
No. The WA Police National Police Certificates are issued in accordance with Western Australian laws and as such are only suitable for people in Western Australia. You will need to apply for a National Police Certificate through the police within the state or territory that you are staying. Contact your local police for more information.
What happens if I don't surrender my unlicensed motor cycle?
A responsible person for a vehicle who has been given a surrender notice relating the vehicle commits an offence and is liable to a fine of 50 PU ($2500) if, when the vehicle has not been impounded by operation of subsection (1) or (2) as a consequence of the surrender notice, the person who disposes of an interest (sells/disposes of the vehicle) that the person has in the vehicle.
What happens if I receive a Surrender Notice for an unlicensed motor cycle?
If WA Police believe you have ridden an unlicensed motor cycle on a designated road you will be issued with a Section 80P Surrender Notice, as the nominated person on the notice you must surrender the unlicensed motor cycle to the nominated location within the time frame stated on the notice. If you fail to surrender the motor cycle you will be subject to a $2500 fine for failure to surrender the motor bike.
Why was my unlicensed motor cycle impounded?
If an unlicensed motor cycle is ridden on a designated road, then it will be subject to being seized under Section 80O of the Road Traffic Act. A designated road is the area between property lines and includes any footpaths and the verge area. Please refer to Section 80N Terms Used for further information.
How do I report an issue with the road surfaces like road layout or poor design?
Main Roads handle major arterials such as highways and freeways. Local road issues are reported to your Local Government Authority.
How can I report an ongoing trail bike or hoon issue in our area?
These matters can be reported online via the online report form. If the incident is occurring now and/or is causing a danger - report the incident to the Police Assistance Centre on 131 444.
Is it illegal to stand in a traffic intersection to clean vehicle windscreens?
Yes, you can be fined or required to appear in Court.
What happens if I do not own the vehicle?
The registered owner of the impounded vehicle must collect the vehicle, if the registered owner is not available to collect the impounded vehicle they may nominate another person to collect it on their behalf.
Who can collect the vehicle?
The owner of the vehicle can make an application for the release of their vehicle by completing the attached form and taking it to the holding yard that is storing their vehicle, upon payment of the towage and storage costs and a 100-point identification check (must include photo ID) the vehicle will be returned to the registered owner.
Is there a minimum speed limit?
Yes. If you are travelling on a Freeway you must travel no slower than 20km/hr below the speed limit unless there is traffic congestion or road conditions dictate.