Planning, Transport & Infrastructure, Department of

Also known as
  • Land Services SA
  • Transport & Marine
  • Public Transport SA
  • Land Servcies
  • State Commission Assessment Panel
  • Adelaide Metro Public Transport
  • Vehicle Inspection/Modifications/Overmass/Over Dimension
  • Ferries
  • Tow Truck Enquiries
  • Valuations & Objections

Transport & Marine

Road Hazards, Signal Fault or Emergency, Jetty Damage, Navigation, Beacon Faults

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About Us

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure works as part of the community to deliver effective planning policy, efficient transport, and valuable social and economic infrastructure. By harnessing the diversity of our purposes and people we strive to achieve positive outcomes that will improve the lifestyles of all South Australians every day.

See the DPTI Customer Service Charter for more details about our commitment to customer-focused services that underpins our work.

See the DPTI Story for more details about how our department helps improve the way South Australian live, move and work.

Department structure

Planning & Land Use Services manages the planning  and land use system for our State to grow the economy and create more vibrant places for our communities; and support the effective functioning of Local Government and outback communities.

Policy, Strategy and Program Development develops the policies and legal instruments; and establishes the strategic plans, standards and program management frameworks for network development that are designed to deliver customer, community and economic benefits and outcomes.

Road and Marine Services connect our communities by providing safe, reliable and efficient movements and flows of goods, services and people across the State’s Roads and Marine networks.

Public Transport Services offers safe well-connected and customer-focused services for mass transit movement.

Across Government Services provides building construction delivery and property related services to State Government clients.

Transport Project Delivery delivers infrastructure safely and efficiently to sustain and support growth, and maximise the benefit of Government’s investments in transport assets.

People and Corporate Services delivers internal services that enable DPTI and its people to fully comply with our obligations, do our work and deliver on our commitments by managing the enterprise’s human resources, finances, core business processes and systems.

See the DPTI Organisation Chart (PDF, 184 KB) for more details about the structure.