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To the Team at Peter Lees Real Estate,

Relocating has been very exhausting. We found a suitable house very quickly, so we have been moving again. Thank you for your excellent service and your thoughtful Tasmanian book. We love it!


Vic & Anne England

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- Neil Jenman

Something terrible is happening to a lot of agents. They're not making sales. Real estate salespeople are starting to go weeks, even months, without a commission cheque.

But if it's bad for agents, it's also bad for the people who traditionally pay the agents - the property sellers.

Tens of thousands of properties are languishing unsold. No one wants to buy them. Or, at least that's how it seems.

What should sellers do in today's depressed market? How do they still get a good selling price?

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How do I pick the right property for my investment portfolio? Well it's true that if the market goes up by say 10% then surely almost all properties go up by 10% yes? Just the same there are subtle differences that can make one property a far better choice over another.

I have selected a few properties here that I would recommend.

Different properties for different investor needs. Can I suggest this? Give up an hour of your time, sit with either myself or with Terry Robinson, and we will explain how to select an investment property that works. It's free and it could change your life.

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The Team at Peter Lees

Peter Lees Real Estate Launceston has a team of dedicated people, in both real estate sales and property management, all working together to become the best Launceston Real Estate office in Tasmania. The principles of this office are based on the Jenman Group promoting Ethics in Real Estate, and our real estate sales and property management teams take this responsibility very seriously.

Most real estate agents have short-term relationships with their clients. We, however, are striving to create an ongoing relationship with ours - We know our customers are important to our business and we will treat them so.

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