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About Us

People from all walks of life love their pet friends. We cherish their companionship long after their lives have ended.

We understand the difficulty of having to say goodbye to pets that have transformed our lives.

We at Pet Heaven NQ in Queensland Australia will assist you and your family in bidding farewell to your loyal companions. Through this delicate time we are here to handle all necessary arrangements to help ease your pain and sorrow.

About Us

Pet Heaven NQ was established in February 2003 at Bluewater in the Northern Beaches area and is Townsville and Thuringowa's first privately owned Pet Cemetery and Crematorium. Pet Heaven NQ provides a compassionate alternative for animal lovers to say farewell to their faithful companions.


We at Pet Heaven NQ offer several ways to create beautiful and lasting memorials to honour your friend and perpetuate their memory. When it comes to animal cremation and pet burial in Townsville, QLD, Pet Heaven is here to share your sentiments. While we cannot bring your pet back, we aim to make you feel better in times of loss and grief.

At Pet Heaven NQ, we are fully dedicated to care for families and individuals who are faced with the death of a beloved pet. We bring you ways on how to crate lasting and beautiful memorial for your beloved companion and best friend.

The Cemetery

Pet Heaven NQ is Townsville and Thuringowa's first privately-owned Pet Cemetery and Crematorium. It is a garden cemetery for quiet reflection and lasting memorials.

Set in the lush grassland of Queensland lays a peaceful paradise and beautiful resting place for your dogs, cats and other animals. Located in the midst of a picturesque 200 acres of natural bush land, it is the perfect setting for your pet's final resting place.


Pet Memorials, Jewellery, Portraits

At Pet Heaven NQ, we let you enjoy the memories of your pets. With us, your pet will never be forgotten. Your beloved pet's memories will forever live through pet memorials, jewellery and portraits.

We understand the special significance of your pet in your lives. Every person who owns a pet will need these products to celebrate the life you shared with your pet.