Patel Dr Mittal

Specialists in Allergy, Asthma & Immunology


Business Summary
Mittal is excited to be able to start an allergy and asthma service in the northern suburbs where there is a significant demand for the service.
About Us

Dr Patel or "Mittal" as he prefers to be called is a dual trained specialist in General Medicine and Allergy and Immunology.
He was born in India but grew up in a small town called Gweru in Zimbabwe where he completed his high school before moving to Adelaide to commence his medical degree.
Mittal's training has seen him work in multiple states throughout Australia, including clinical work in Alice Springs, Perth and now Melbourne where he has made his home.
He works part time at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and is soon to take up a small role at the Monash Medical Centre.
He enjoys travelling and plays social sport including tennis, golf and badminton.

What We Do
  • Allergy skin testing involves first marking your skin with a pen.
  • Droplets of the allergen are placed on your forearm, followed by a small prick test with a lancet.
  • This is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. There are about 20 allergens that will be tested routinely although this may be shorter depending on your history.
  • Once the prick test is performed, you will need to wait 20 minutes before reading.
  • The significance of the results will be discussed after the test is performed.