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About Us

Through a unique collusion between man and nature, Paspaley is proud to be recognised as the source of the most beautiful and valuable pearls in the world.

Our ultimate aim in pearl production is beauty and in this respect we are doubly blessed - a pristine oceanic environment and access to the world's most prolific pearl beds which host the world's largest and finest pearl oysters.

Over the past fifty years, we have nurtured our partnership with nature and capitalised on the gift of these invaluable resources, developing our own unique technology and the world's greatest pearl production facilities.

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At harvest time, our experienced pearl graders carefully examine every single pearl to assess and grade its qualities. Even though they may sort through thousands of pearls, it is not unusual to hear a cry of delight as a grader calls for the team to "come and look at this one."

Such is the power of the pearl.

Nurtured for up to six years in our remote pearl farms, every Paspaley pearl is a precious gift from nature, certified in its natural quality and provenance.


To experience the beauty of Paspaley South Sea pearls for yourself, we invite you to visit a Paspaley boutique. Our retail team shares an in-depth knowledge and passion for pearls and will be pleased to introduce you to the beauty of these precious gifts from nature.

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The uncompromising way in which Paspaley invests in the integrity and quality of our product is reflected in unparalleled levels of operational sophistication. No corners are ever cut in any area of the group's operations. Excellence in process and quality are paramount.

Many years have been spent refining the art of growing the perfect pearl and ironically, through that process, learning that only nature can achieve perfection.

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We at Paspaley are actively engaged in the world around us. As committed, hands-on sponsors, hosts of dazzling events that help our community shine, and creators of unique jewellery for an extraordinary clientele, there is always something new and interesting to report on our calendar. Please visit us again for a news update.