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About Us
Who Are We?

Partners in Performance builds better businesses. We identify and deliver rapid performance improvement in industrial resources and services companies, using a specialist team and a hands-on approach. Our specialists consistently deliver lower costs and higher revenues. We build better businesses.

Why Are We Successful?

Where other firms consult or advise, we deliver results - which is why we call ourselves "Resultants". Where others bill by the hour and take no risk, we are happy to back our teams by being paid for success; where many business consultants are theorists, our Resultants have extensive implementation experience. When the conditions are right, we become investment partners with our clients.

We work at an operational and tactical strategy level, meaning the business turnaround comes quickly and is sustainable. The result being a better business. Our practical approach also means we identify value more clearly in commercial due diligence and transaction support work.

Our Services

We're experienced in the operation of industrial and resources companies, allowing us to work across a variety of disciplines. We have extensive processes and experience in all the core levels of such businesses including:

  • Costs / Overhead / Waste Reduction
  • Procurement / In-Outsourcing / Contractor Management
  • Price / Margin / Sales
  • Debottleknecking

  • Maintenance
  • Capital
  • Safety / Environment / Emissions / Energy
  • Diagnostics
  • Commercial Due Diligence / Turnaround & Sell
  • Lean / Lean Sigma

Our Training

Our people work closely with your managers, supervisors and front-line personnel to build their skills in the areas that drive operational performance. Through formal training and coaching on-the-job, your people build the skills needed to lock in the gains we make with you, and acquire the insight and confidence to identify and realise further gains after we have left.

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Fully implemented solutions
Many firms just 'consult' and make recommendations to clients. We know how difficult implementation can be, so we work with you until the changes are not only implemented, but working.
Rapid Results
The results that we achieve with our clients are rapid. We suggest that you review the "Our Results" section of our website
Sustainable & continuous improvement
We measure our success not just by the pace and magnitude of results that are delivered, but by your organisation's ability to maintain and improve on those results over time.
Low capital investment
Our approach rarely requires significant capital expenditure. Payback on improvements averages less than 1 month.
Extensive coaching & training
If results are going to be rapid and sustainable, the workforce must be trained in how to deliver them and how to sustain them. For this reason, training and competence building are integral to our work from day one. Our training combines formal classroom training with on-the-job coaching to ensure that the theory becomes sufficiently embedded into each person's daily routine that it becomes sustainable.
Experience & insight
Our people are experienced. Drawn from senior line positions and top tier consulting firms, they have deep industry and implementation experience. You don't pay for a learning curve.
Making change happen
We know that change is hard for organisations and tough on individuals. Our Resultants work closely with your people providing insights, guidance, support and sheer horsepower to help them transform your organisation.