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Deanne (Dee) Ryall is the member for Ringwood & is appointed to the Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills & Penalty Rates and Fair Pay committees.
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The Parliamentary System

The Parliament of Victoria is made up of the Crown, the Legislative Council & the Legislative AssemblyThe Crown means the Queen & in Victoria, the Queen is represented by the Governor of Victoria.

The Government is formed by the political party which holds the most number of seats in the Legislative Assembly & the leader of that party becomes the Premier of Victoria.

Parliament's Role

The parliament's role is to make laws & hold the Government to account for it's policies, actions & spending. The functions of the Parliament include:

  • forming a Government from among it's members
  • making new laws & updating old laws
  • representing the people
  • examining & approving Government taxes & spending
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How do I find which electorate I am in?
The State of Victoria is a representative democracy, meaning we elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. Voters, once enrolled, elect representatives to each of the three levels of government: Federal, State and Local council. Use our interactive maps on our website,, enter your address, suburb or postcode to find the name of your Federal , State & Local Government electorates & representatives.
How do I submit a petition?
Victorians can use petitions to raise issues & request action from Parliament. If you want to present a petition, you need to understand & follow all the necessary rules. The Legislative Assembly & the Legislative Council have different rules. You can submit an electronic petition (E-petition) using our website,, or alternatively download a template from our website,
How do I organise a tour of Parliament House?
Parliament House is open to the public throughout the year excluding weekends & public holidays. Public tours of Parliament House are available on days when Parliament is not sitting. Public tours starts from 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am, 1.00pm (Express tour), 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm & 4.00pm (Express tour) Mon-Fri from the Vestibule. Tours are limited to the first 25 people. Booking is essential for groups of 6 or more. For more information visit our website,
At A Glance
Parliament makes new laws & update old laws.
Holds the Government to account for its policies.
Parliament represents the people of Victoria.
The Governor of Victoria represents the Crown.
Parliament of Victoria is a State parliament.
Notable Achievements
99% of teachers satisfied with school group tours of Parliament.
95% of Members satisfied that advice given is responsive & clear.
100% of bills & amendments processed accurately & accordingly.