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The Parliament of Victoria is a bicameral legislature (two Houses) with representatives elected to either the Legislative Council (the Upper House) or the Legislative Assembly (the Lower House). The Assembly has 88 Members and the Council has 40 Members. The Governor of Victoria represents the Crown and is the third arm of Parliament.

Following the Westminster tradition, the party having the support of the majority of Members in the Lower House has the right to form Government. The Government is then answerable to Parliament. This is called ‘responsible government’ because the Government is responsible to Parliament and must present its policies for parliamentary scrutiny.

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The Parliamentary System

The Parliament of Victoria is made up of the Crown, the Legislative Council & the Legislative AssemblyThe Crown means the Queen & in Victoria, the Queen is represented by the Governor of Victoria.

The Government is formed by the political party which holds the most number of seats in the Legislative Assembly & the leader of that party becomes the Premier of Victoria.

Parliament's Role

The parliament's role is to make laws & hold the Government to account for it's policies, actions & spending. The functions of the Parliament include:

  • forming a Government from among it's members,
  • making new laws & updating old laws,
  • representing the people &
  • examining & approving Government taxes & spending.
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How do I find which electorate I am in?
The State of Victoria is a representative democracy, meaning we elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. Voters, once enrolled, elect representatives to each of the three levels of government: Federal, State and Local council. Use our interactive maps on our website,, enter your address, suburb or postcode to find the name of your Federal, State & Local Government electorates & representatives.
How do I submit a petition?
Victorians can use petitions to raise issues & request action from Parliament. If you want to present a petition, you need to understand & follow all the necessary rules. The Legislative Assembly & the Legislative Council have different rules. You can submit an electronic petition (E-petition) using our website,, or alternatively download a template from our website,
How do I organise a tour of Parliament House?
Parliament House is open to the public throughout the year excluding weekends & public holidays. Public tours of Parliament House are available on days when Parliament is not sitting. Public tours starts from 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am, 1.00pm (Express tour), 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm & 4.00pm (Express tour) Mon-Fri from the Vestibule. Tours are limited to the first 25 people. Booking is essential for groups of 6 or more. For more information visit our website,
At A Glance
Parliament makes new laws & update old laws.
Holds the Government to account for its policies.
Parliament represents the people of Victoria.
The Governor of Victoria represents the Crown.
Parliament of Victoria is a State parliament.