Business Summary
The South Australian Parliament is a bi-cameral legislature comprised of the Legislative Council, consisting of 22 Members and the House of Assembly consisting of 47 Members. The Parliament of South Australia is responsible for the making of laws for peace, order and good government for the people of South Australia..
What We Do

Parliament House

  • Legislative Council 
  • House of Assembly 
  • Catering 
  • Joint Services 
  • Hansard 
  • Parliamentary Library 
  • Leader of the Opposition

Parliamentary Committees 

  • Aboriginal Lands 
  • Crime and Public Integrity Policy
  • Economic & Finance 
  • Environment, Resources & Development
  • Legislative Review 
  • Natural Resources 
  • Occupational Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation
  • Public Works 
  • Social Development 
  • Statutory Authorities Review
  • Statutory Officers

At A Glance
Legislative Council
House of Assembly
Parliament of South Australia
Members of Parliament