Park Engineers Pty Ltd

Manufacturing in Structural Steel

388 Welshpool Road, Welshpool WA 6106

PO Box 130 Bentley WA 6982
Business Summary
We have the capacity to fabricate 15,000T of structural steel per year.
About Us
What We Do
  • Access to Australia’s largest owner of integrated CNC machines for Structural Steel
  • Access to Australia’s largest automated beam manufacturing facility
  • A commitment of delivering fabricated steel on time
  • A detailed tracking system to provide clients current work in progress information (reports)
  • A stable and experienced workforce
  • A strong work ethic and desire to meet customer requirements
  • A spirit of co-operation and desire to work with clients to meet their schedule
  • Dispute-free history of Industrial Relations
  • Fully compliant to Australian Quality Standards
  • Fully insured for both Workers Compensation and Public Liability