Business Summary
To exceed our customers' expectations in quality, service and value through continuous improvement and customer interaction.
About Us

Pandani Select Foods is a family owned business and has been producing the finest quality smallgoods including ham products since 1965.

We select only the best quality meats from the best breeds to create our smallgoods. We are able to produce that premium Tasmanian taste thanks to the some of the purest water and cleanest air in the world.

Pandani Select Foods began its journey 52 years ago in a small butcher shop in Somerset, a busy little town on Tasmania’s North West Coast. Walter Ingles realised his dream in 1965 when he purchased a butchery of his own in Somerset. By this time, Walter had much experience behind his striped apron; he began his apprenticeship at a local butchery in Burnie in 1933, aged 14, and worked there until he was enlisted in the Australian Army in 1940. Walter served in northern Australia, but spent most of his war years in New Guinea, returning home to work in 1946.

Walter began his business with two employees, one of which was his son Ian, aged 15, and grew his vision from here. Walter had become familiar with hardships, especially during his time of national service overseas, and decided that in times of economic difficulty people still need to eat. A food business was where he wanted to make a living and butchering was his due.