Unit 4/ 145 Quinns Hill Road, Stapylton QLD 4207
About Us

Ozroll headquarters are situated in Dry Creek, South Australia, 5 km north of the CBD. It was on this site, in 1999, where a small team of local, handpicked industry professionals were assembled to operate two manufacturing facilities established to produce roller shutters, as well as a range of paints and textures.

Following its inception, Ozroll placed great emphasis on producing products of the highest quality and thus invested heavily into the manufacturing process with significant outlays on machinery, including German roll formers purchased from the industry's global market leader.

In Search Of Perfection

Ozroll takes great pride in its growth, particularly within Australia, primarily due to the creation of employment opportunities that go hand in hand with expansion. Already employing hundreds of personnel within Australia, Ozroll plans to continue its steady rise in direct employment, plus create a significant number of staff and sub-contractor jobs that are consequently formed as a result of our business dealings.

Why Choose Us?

Today, Ozroll stands as a perfect example of the industrious Australian work ethic and the goals achievable with persistence through innovation. From humble beginnings to a respected international market player, our accomplishments will inspire excitement about future possibilities - Ozroll welcomes those who wish to join and work together in turning those possibilities into a reality.