About Us
Welcome to Oxley College

Oxley College is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational K - 12 day school founded in 1983 in Bowral. Oxley College is a special place and we are delighted to offer the Oxley experience from the beginning of a child's formal educational journey.

We believe our students have access to an intimate and caring school that is recognised as a school of choice for excellence in education from Kindergarten to Year 12. We are excited about providing families with specialist teaching staff of the highest calibre, many co-curricular activities and our wonderful facilities from Kindergarten.

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About Oxley

The College took its name from the famous early Australian explorer, John Oxley and looks up to the hill named after him. His descendants gave permission for the family crest to be used as the basis of the College badge which incorporates their motto Patientia et Fortitudine - Patience and Fortitude and the College similarly adopted this as its motto.

Expansive grounds of great beauty provide a wonderful setting in which to educate young people. The centerpiece is a graceful colonial homestead Elvo, built in the 1880s. Now, this elegant building serves as the administrative centre of the College.

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Enrolment Procedures

Following initial enquiry, parents and guardians seeking admission for their child(ren) are required to complete the Application for Registration form.In the years preceding entry, or as soon as possible in the event of any casual vacancy, students and their parents are invited to an interview at the College. Following this, offers of enrolment are made in accordance with the Enrolment Agreement.

  • Waiting Lists
  • Date of Application and Enrolment Variations
  • Kindergarten - Year 12
  • Enrolment Process

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Learning at Oxley

Breadth and Depth - The Learning Program

At Oxley, we recognise that opportunities for learning extend beyond the core of our educational program, the academic curriculum. All activities are intended to be a part of the conscious learning program. Together, they enable students to develop body, mind and spirit.


Oxley College has benefited from outstanding staff, appointed for their specialist knowledge, their skill in teaching and their commitment to the ideals of the College.

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Co-Curricular Activities

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