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The Optical Superstore has been providing financial assistance to health, education and microfinance organisations since 2005 and is committed to making a valuable and continuing contribution to the health and wellbeing of families and children in East Timor (Timor Leste), one of the poorest nations in our region.

East Timor is only a 55-minute flight from Darwin, yet the differences in health, nutrition, life expectancy and opportunity between Australians and East Timorese are huge. It is also a little known fact that the East Timorese fed and protected Australian soldiers during the Second World War and thousands of East Timorese lost their lives as a result - something for which we as Australians should be truly grateful.

HIAM Health was founded by Rosaria Martins da Cruz in November 2003 and with the unwavering support and mentoring of Jill Hillary has flourished from its humble beginnings in a tiny room (3 x 3 metres) in the grounds of the Dili National Hospital to a 30 bed Malnutrition Rehabilitation and Education Centre employing approximately 45 East Timorese who have been assisted by various volunteers, international nurses, dietitians, health educators and anyone with a beneficial skill to share!

Education through practical experience has proven the best method of assisting the families who come through the centre. For a more detailed account of the work of HIAM Health go to www.hiamhealth.org

For The Optical Superstore, being a significant funder of HIAM Health is not just an act of 'social responsibility'. It is our passion and each pair of glasses purchased from The Optical Superstore helps us to assist the suffering families and babies at the HIAM Centre.

When do my seven days for Home Trial begin?
The Home Try-On period will start from the day we post your selection of frames. You will have seven days to try on the frames, see how they fit and obtain feedback from family and friends. Post your Home Try-On frames back to us before the due date provided.
Why does it look like I am being charged freight for Home Try-On frames?
Once you have entered your details and created an account with us any freight charges being applied to your Home Try-On order will be automatically removed.
What happens if the frames are not returned?
If you do not return all the frames in their original condition and within the time frame of seven days from the date the frames were posted to you, then your credit card will be charged for the value of the unreturned frames.
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