About Us

OceanRider has been sharing the coastal Headland section of the Noosa National Park for longer than any other tour boat operator. Since 2001 we have been privileged to have had literally tens of thousands of visitors from every corner of the globe join us on our adrenaline charged THRILL RIDE which takes people around the perimeter of the Park from Noosa to Sunshine Beach and back. 

Fast forward to 2017. In the past our ocean tour had only two speeds “FAST” OR “FASTER”. A lot of fun for those who feel the need for speed, but definitely not suitable for everyone. Long story short - 2017 saw the introduction of our DOLPHIN SAFARI. An ECO ADVENTURE for those who would like to see the sights of our beautiful National Park at a speed that anyone can handle. We give you time to “stop and smell the roses” on this trip. Unlike our Thrill ride, the Dolphin Safari is suitable for anyone from 7 years+ even Nana and Pop will love it as long as they are still reasonably fit. So now you can take your pick….

The only question now is “how do you like your boat rides FAST or CRUISY” ? Please click on the appropriate link for more information.

THRILL RIDE DOLPHIN SAFARI We look forward to welcoming you aboard, and guarantee you a memorable experience.