2nd Floor 84 Nelson Street, Wallsend NSW 2287

PO Box 280 Wallsend NSW 2287
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Business Summary
O'Hearn Lawyers is one of the leading medium size firms in Newcastle, providing a wide range of legal services to cater for both small and large businesses, and individual clients.
About Us

At O'Hearn Lawyers, our philosophy is to uphold the rule of law and to provide our clients with professional, timely and practical solutions to all their legal needs. We dedicate our time and knowledge to providing these solutions by effectively working together as a team and delivering unsurpassed commitment to our clients.

Unlike large national law firms, O'Hearn Lawyers takes pride in being in the position to offer services to both large corporations and to 'mums and dads' alike. Our firm regularly undertakes significant commercial transactions for a company, while also undertaking the personal work for its directors. We provide services to our corporate clients with the same degree of attentiveness as is extended to, and properly expected by, our individual clients.

O'Hearn Lawyers provides quality legal services tailored to meet the personal needs of the client. Obtaining professional advice from O'Hearn Lawyers at the early stages of a Commercial Dispute for example can lead to an efficient and prompt resolution of the matter without the need for the expense and delay of initiating court proceedings, our experience enables us to understand the needs of our clients and to act efficiently in resolving their matters successfully.

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