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Hi, my name is Kayleigh, proud owner of O.C.D, a local, friendly and reliable domestic cleaning company operating in Buckinghamshire. I’ve spent the last 30+ years trying to find my niche in life as most of do, little did I know it had been starring me in the face from a very young age and now it’s time to utilize my “O.C.D”.

I’ve always been told how clean my house looks and smells, this is solely down to the level of detail I believe a house should be cleaned with and having worked in the restaurant industry where cleanliness is paramount.

As a full time homeowner, worker and mummy (to my beautiful dog) I know how hard it can be to keep on top of things, or at least keep on top of things as best you can. This is the problem, cleaning properly takes time and an eye for detail, I mean who has the time to spring clean whilst working 50-hour weeks and balancing all the other plates that we have to spin.

Having someone clean for you is nothing short of a dream (when it’s done properly) and whilst people see these services as a cost, how much do you value your personal time with friends, family or pets? Let me give you your time back; spend it with your loved ones while I deal with the house!!!

The name kind of sums my service up - trust me when I say your version of a clean and my version of a clean are light years apart and a noticeable difference will be apparent whenever I have been into your home.

If you want a refreshing cleaning service with someone who will care for your property like their own - look no further - O.C.D has your every cleaning need covered.

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