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The City of Norwood, Pyneham & St. Peters Council offers a wide range of online services available to help you manage your day-to-day needs, such as the payment of council rates, fines and bills such as animal registration. Contact the City of Norwood, Pyneham & St. Peters Council if you need to make a booking for a hard rubbish collection or a green waste collection. 

Families can contact the City of Norwood, Pyneham & St. Peters Council for up-to-date information about child care, child care services and kindergarten enrolment. Information is also available about aged-care facilities and services, community housing and the operation of youth centres. Small businesses should contact the City of Norwood, Pyneham & St. Peters Council for valuable support and business advice from experts within local government departments. For all residential and commercial planning matters, contact the urban planning department.

About Council

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, located between the gentle slopes of the east Adelaide foothills and Adelaide's central business district, is home to a diverse and vibrant community.

Home to more than 35,000 people we boast a rich history as South Australia's first municipal council. This proud heritage is reflected in our cosmopolitan city centres, superb residential and commercial heritage buildings and more than 180 hectares of beautiful parks and gardens.

Residents Overview

As a resident of this City we encourage you to explore all your City has to offer you. Your best source of information on the full range of services offered for residents is via the A - Z of Council Services located on the homepage of this website. Alternatively you can use the website search facility located on the top right hand section of each page.

Apart from enjoying a reputation as one of Adelaide's most vibrant, cosmopolitan and diverse communities, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters offers residents a quality lifestyle that features superb dining, shopping, and entertainment amenities, as well as easy access to more than 180 hectares of open space.

Business & Economic Development

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is a thriving cosmopolitan community with more than 6,000 small to medium sized business operators encompassing home-based business activity through to medium and large enterprises employing more than 100 staff. The range of business activity being undertaken across the City includes retail, professional, manufacturing and light industrial.

Our City makes a significant contribution to South Australia's economy and our own vital local economy.

Development & Planning

Welcome to the urban planning and development section of the website. This section provides information on the range of development and planning activities undertaken by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters as they relate to the responsibilities of the Council under the Development Act 1993.

Under this Act, Councils are required to provide development and planning services on behalf of the City's 35,000 residents and approximately 3,000 businesses.