Northside Eye Specialists

Improving eyesight for over 40 years

Ste 3 956 Gympie Road, Chermside QLD 4032

Business Summary
The practice has consistently provided ophthalmology services to patients in Brisbane and further afield, but remains based in and focussed on the Northside.
About Us

Northside Eye Specialists began in the 1960’s as a comprehensive ophthalmic specialty practice with Dr Frank Sullivan. When he was later joined by Professor Tim Sullivan and Dr Bradley Horsburgh the practice became the Cadogan House Eye Centre. In March 2005 our name was changed to Northside Eye Specialists when Dr Michael Forrest joined the practice. Dr David Hilford joined the group in 2009.

What We Do


Cataract surgery is by far the most common operation performed by ophthalmologists in Australia, with more than 200,000 procedures occurring annually.


Strabismus is the technical term for misaligned eyes, also known as “squint.” In children strabismus can interrupt the development of normal binocular vision, and can cause a cosmetic defect that may affect their social development. In adult’s strabismus may cause a cosmetic defect also, but strabismus acquired in late childhood or adulthood often causes double vision.