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The Northern Peninsula Area Region is a Local Government Area located in Far North Queensland, Australia, covering areas on the North-Western coast of Cape York Peninsula. It was created in March 2008 out of three Aboriginal Shires and two autonomous Island Councils during a period of statewide local government reform.


Tourist activities whilst at Bamaga include Sight-seeing tours to Thursday Island, guided fishing and pig hunting tours; bird-watching in the nearby Lockerbie Scrub rainforest; visiting World War II aircraft wrecks in the Bamaga area and also at Horn Is. (near Thursday Is.) and photo shoots at the "Tip of Australia". The area is shrouded in history with culture and war memorabilia.

Muttee Heads - fishing and camping spot with access to Jardine River mouth, 30 km west on Cairns road.

Twin Falls/Fruit Bat Falls - 65km south on the Peninsula Developmental Rd to Cairns and a great swimming spot.

Punsand Bay Resort - a great camping spot some 25km north.

Somerset - 35km north of Bamaga and the historic ruins of the Somerset Homestead. It is a good camping area & day trip for barbecue

Sports & Recreation

Fishing and camping is very popular. There are hotels situated at Bamaga and Umagico which suffice local needs. There are restaurants at the Seisia Village Resort, Seisia; Resort Bamaga; Pajinka Wilderness Lodge, Cape York and also Punsand Bay Lodge, Punsand Bay. There are also take-away shops at Seisia, New Mapoon (Loyalty Beach campground & local store) and Bamaga communities.

The sporting facilities at Bamaga have undergone a recent facelift and there is now an established Olympic Basketball courts, Volleyball courts & Tennis courts. Football has again emerged as a strong sport in the region and councils have constructed night lighting of the fields for cooler night games. There are five organised football teams in the communities.