Norco Co-Op Ltd

100% Aussie Farmer Owned since 1885
Also known as
  • Norco Rural Stores
  • Hunter Rural
Business Summary
Norco is a dairy co-operative owned by our member suppliers who operate Australian dairy farms.
About Us

The lush green pastures and rolling hills of Northern New South Wales, Australia has been our home since 1895, when a bunch of enterprising dairy farmers started the North Coast Co-operative. 

Named after its breathtaking surrounds, the North Coast Co-operative was later shortened to become Norco.

Most of the current day farmers are second and third generation Norco dairy farmers, working to support their families, their communities, and to keep their family legacy alive.

As one of Australia’s last and only 100% Aussie farmer-owned dairy co-operatives, our network of over 300 members reap what they sow.

Now, with farmers as proud and passionate as ours, raising cows in a place as lush and serene as Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland, the results were always going to be pretty special. So for the last 120-odd years, we’ve been producing the best quality dairy products around, and we’ve got the awards to prove it.

Are Norco products suitable for children?
Norco products provide wholesome dairy goodness for children, with essential nutrients for growing bodies such as calcium and protein. However, low fat or no fat milks are not suitable as a complete milk food for children under 2 years of age.
Can I freeze Norco products?
All Norco fresh milks may be frozen for six months and thawed. All frozen milk must be thawed slowly and completely in the refrigerator. Milk will expand when it’s frozen, so there needs to be ample room in the container to prevent the container bursting or splitting. Norco thickened creams, pure creams, custards, cheeses and butters, can all be frozen and thawed. All frozen products must be thawed slowly and completely in the refrigerator. Norco Sour Cream cannot be frozen.
What is the best way to store my Norco products?
The best way to store Norco products is to place them in the fridge quickly after purchase, and store them in an upright position. Make sure your fridge is set at less than 5°C. We always recommend you store your Norco product in the fridge shelves not the door – the door can be as much as 6°C warmer than the rest of the fridge!
At A Glance
Antibiotic Free
Permeate Free
Quality Assured
Guaranteed Supply
100% Local Australian Milk
Notable Achievements
Australian Dairy Industry Champion Modified Milk
Australian Dairy Industry Champion Flavoured Milk
Australian Dairy Industry Champion Ice Cream