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We are a Catholic Community of welcome, connecting faith, family & education.

Nazareth connects with families in a whole-of-life journey to minister to their needs, by providing a range of integrated services and opportunities to support the spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual growth and wellbeing of its family members.


It is our goal to provide these services in a way that is holistic and integrated within a strong faith environment. A core component of the new Community will be an educationally innovative R-12 Catholic school, with each student, their faith development and their family, at its heart.

The evolving community will bring together families from the Albert Park/Findon, Flinders Park/Hindmarsh and Seaton parishes as well as from the Mater Christi, Cardinia, Our Lady of the Manger Parish Schools and Siena College. It will also engage with the wider Catholic and local parish communities in the provision of ministry and services.

Nazareth Early Childhood Centre

Our Early Childhood Centre is for children 6 months - 6 years and their families. Incorporating playgroups, preschool and childcare it is the centrepiece of a range of other integrated services within the Nazareth Catholic Community which includes parent education groups, health, community and social services.

We encourage families and friends to participate in the ECC and within the Community. Families can become involved in every level at Nazareth Catholic Community.


Nazareth Catholic College promotes a partnership of learning which involves the students, the College and the family. Our focus is successful learning for all. Nazareth Catholic College values the wellbeing of all.

Our Pastoral Care, Social Justice and Religious Education programs aim to build strong community relationships which support and nurture each individual.

In line with this, the secondary campus has committed to a Mentoring program where classes are vertically grouped, enabling students to connect across year levels and individual students and teachers to form lasting and significant relationships.

Community Services

Nazareth Community Services are continually being developed in response to the range of Nazareth family needs and interests and as outreach to the broader local community.

Our services reflect a concern for the health and wellbeing of all community members.

We recognise the critically important role parents play in the lives of their children from the very earliest of life stages offering support through playgroups, parenting support projects and opportunities to build new engagements.