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Are you finding it hard to hear conversations? See us for Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests
About Us

At National Hearing Care our mission is to improve the hearing of people through personalised solutions and exceptional client care.

Starting with just three clinics in 1997, we've quickly grown in size due to our focus on excellence in client care, development of our staff, and a commitment to the national hearing industry. We are proudly now the leading independent provider of hearing healthcare services and products in Australia. 

Joining the Amplifon Group in 2010 has enabled us to bring the latest technology to Australians from the world leader in the field of hearing loss. Read more about Amplifon here

We remain independent from hearing aid manufacturers which means you know you will only be recommended the best device to specifically suit your needs.

What We Do

We bring sound to life through a variety of professional services:

  • Hearing tests - we offer a range of hearing tests, from a free hearing check to a full hearing assessment with our qualified clinicians. Click here to learn more about how hearing loss occurs.
  • Hearing aids - talk to us about the latest technology in hearing aids and help us find finding the right device for you.
  • Treating tinnitus - tinnitus is the medical term for ringing or buzzing in the ears not caused by an external source. It can range from low-level sound to quite loud, interfering with hearing and sleep. Tinnitus can be caused by regular exposure to excessive sound, extreme stress or trauma, age-related hearing loss or some prescription drugs. Talk to us about treatment options for tinnitus.

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What do our clients say about us?
"I am very happy with the service and information I received. The hearing aids have allowed me to hear things I haven't heard in a long time. I feel 20 years younger" - M Jennings. "I am extremely happy with the service and hearing aids I have received. The staff at your Dandenong clinic are exceptionally well trained and a delight to deal with. The audiologist is very knowledgable and no questions have been left unanswered." - L Ciriello
How long will a hearing test take?
​A hearing evaluation takes about 60 minutes although if it appears that you need a hearing aid it may take a little bit longer. This way your clinician can carefully decide which hearing aids are best for you. Once your hearing aids have been ordered, your next appointment will be about two weeks later.
Will my hearing be restored to normal with a hearing aid?
While hearing aids can't fully restore normal hearing, they can help immensely. At National Hearing Care, we have implemented an acclimatisation program to help you adapt to your hearing aids.
Am I entitled to a government subsidy or insurance rebate?
If you meet the eligibility criteria for the Office of Hearing Services program, then you will be able to access subsidised services. If you are a typical private paying client, Medicare will not cover your hearing assessment and or/hearing aids, however some health insurance plans may give you a rebate. Contact your insurance company to see if your plan covers hearing aids.
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Over 190 clinics across Australia
Highly qualified team of professional audiologists
The latest technology in the hearing industry
Accurate diagnosis from an expert clinician