Business Summary
NFAR is a boutique agency working closely with performers, writers and actors, providing the best in stage, film and television productions.
About Us

After working at a large agency, Performers Management, firstly as the head of the comedy cabaret division, and then as the manager of the whole agency, incorporating acting, musical theatre, opera and comedy cabaret; Nanette left in '92 to pursue other areas - event management, talent coordination and representing only two artists, Nick Giannopoulos and Mary Coustas. 

In 1996 -2000, while working on touring "Wogboys" around the country, and developing the film "The Wog Boy", the agency side of the company Fox Dyson, slowly grew, adding artists who have the ability to develop their own work, as well as being cast for film, TV and stage. 

Nanette Fox Artist Representation will always be a "boutique" agency allowing the director to focus on the talent, help develop their projects, and where appropriate, work on the casting and production side of projects. 

At the same time artists are submitted for all suitable casting briefs and put forward for corporate events, functions and festivals.