Nacap Australia Pty Ltd - South Brisbane

South Brisbane

Level 2/ 22 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

About Us

Nacap was founded in the 1960's and operates worldwide as a managing contractor. We offer multidisciplinary solutions for the transport of oil, gas, water, electricity and data, such as pipelines and distribution networks. We work for a large group of renowned clients spread throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.


Maintain and strengthen our position in the global market

Nacap opts for long-term relationships. We realise that challenge by observing a number of values that underpin our reliability. That is why Nacap is the preferred business partner for a large number of respected clients, and that strengthens Nacap's position.

Unshakable business values as foundation

Nacap equals technical quality, safety and value for money.


Extremely experienced in laying pipelines

Nacap is the managing contractor for large-diameter pipeline systems. Besides having all the specialist knowledge, Nacap is extremely experienced in laying various types of pipelines for the transport of oil, gas, water and chemicals. Nacap is a sound partner with a leading global position.