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Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme
About Us
About Us


To achieve excellence in the delivery of long service leave entitlements to construction industry employees.


To provide a financially sustainable portable long service leave Scheme for eligible Western Australian construction industry employees.

Services We Offer

• Move from employer to employer, even interstate, without losing your long service leave benefits

• Receive up to 8 2/3 weeks fully-paid long service leave after 10 years

• Pro-rata leave available after 7 years

• Your leave is managed and paid

• by the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme

• Benefit is only available to eligible construction industry workers who work on site


Working together: Establishing and maintaining long term relationships based upon mutual trust, respect and understanding.

Honesty & integrity: Being open and honest and acting with integrity in all our dealings.

Excellence in service delivery: Exceeding our commitments to stakeholders and addressing both current and future needs.

Consistency: Delivery of a consistent approach in terms of legislative requirements in our decision making processes.