265 Hearle Road, Mumballup WA 6225

Business Summary
Organic Garden Products, Landscape Yard Garden Soils Composts, Pick-up & Delivery
About Us

We stock a range of bagged and bulk potting mix, mulches, manures, soil conditioner and our famous Mumby Magic manure. All our products can be delivered anywhere in the South West, including Bunbury, Collie, Bridgetown, Manjimup, Busselton, Margaret River and surrounding areas.

Mumballup Organics is based in the South-West of Western Australia, about 25km from Collie and Donnybrook. We are a family owned business that produces 21 different types of bagged soil, mulch and manure products.

We have been operating since 2003 and are in around 200 garden stores from Broome to Esperance and in the Metro area. All our products are bagged with a high moisture content to reduce the possibilities of Legionnaires Disease and carry the appropriate logos and warnings.

Our manures are composted and mostly odourless. They are also completely weed free. Our speciality is pig manure.

What We Do

Our Services Include:

  • Free Quoting
  • Ongoing Services
  • Bulk Deliveries of Quality Products
  • Spreading and Mulching
  • Pruning and Gardening
  • Mowing and Whipper Snipping Lawn
  • Description of Correct Mulches for Plants
  • Horticulturalist Advice
  • Spraying
  • Garden Clean Up
What if I have ordered too much Garden Mix?
You can use the Garden Mix as a top dresser for your lawns, top up potted plants, spread around existing plants.
Which Mulch should I use and how much?
We recommend a minimum of 80 mm of mulch to be applied at least twice a year, if you have General plants, then the Drought buster is the best bet for all plants (not Natives), but if you have Natives then you can use any of the other mulches but the premium mulch you should use for Natives is the Karri and Peat Mulch.
I’m Planting new lawn, what should I use?
If you are planting a new lawn Yellow sand is something to stay away from! In the South West we have very gutless grey sand, and to improve on this we need to add organic matter such as manures, this is to help the short root structures of the lawn to establish and grow strong, improve water retention and drainage and put the nutrition in.