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Important Information


Consultations are by appointment.

Every effort will be made to accomodate your preferred time & doctor.

The first available doctor will see urgent cases.

After Hours:

If you require medical care after hours,

Please phone the Mullumbimby District Hospital on:

(02) 6684 2266

for all Emergencies, ring 000 for an ambulance

Home & Nursing Home Visits:

Our doctors are available for home visits & local nursing home visits.

Calling Your Doctor:

Doctors may be contacted by phone during normal surgery hours.

If the doctor is with a patient a message will be taken & your call returned as soon as possible.

If your call is urgent, you will always be put straight through to the doctor.

Longer Consultations:

Please let the receptionist know if you would like to book longer.

Skin Clinic

The clinic is a complete skin cancer diagnosis and treatment facility with specialised equipment and two purpose built treatment rooms.

Our digital mole scanning equipment enables us to store images and compare changes over time for complete and thorough management.

You are at risk of developing skin cancer if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have many moles
  • A family history of skin cancer
  • Had excess UV exposure or sunburns
  • Have fair skin or are over 40

Melanomas can develop suddenly at any age.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

Our doctors are experienced in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.

Skin cancer can almost always be cured - If detected early.

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Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm (Closed Wednesday).

Sessions available after hours and weekends by appointment only.

Kahuna Bodywork is sometimes misleadingly called Kahuna massage.

Kahuna Bodywork work goes far beyond massage.

This intensely deep work takes the client right to the edge of the consciously possible with movement and stretching techniques.

Clinic of the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences Respectfully teaching in the lineage of (Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna (Kanaka Maoli).

All the Practitioners are Members of the Kahuna Training Guild Australia Inc.

Medical Centre Practitioners


  • Dr. Norbert Weber M.D. (Principal)
  • Dr. Annette Beisenherz
  • Dr. Damien Ford
  • Dr. Thomas Rolley

Other Therapists

  • Amare Pearl
  • Acupuncturist


  • Sandra Lundbergs
  • Claudia Michels

Kahuna Bodywork

Bodywork Practitioners

Ki'a'i Ho'okahi Weber

Master of Kahuna Bodywork and CEO of the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences.

Hielrick Georges Dajon

Diploma in Kahuna Bodywork & Endorsement of Mana Lomi (Level 1)

Cert IV in Massage and currently studying for Diploma Level in Remedial Massage

Anna Smith

Practitioner level in Kahuna Bodywork

Steve Bainbridge

Practitioner level in Kahuna Bodywork

Taryn Pallister

Practitioner level in Kahuna Bodywork

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Yukie Tsuno

Practitioner level in Kahuna Bodywork