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About Us
About Us

Located in Albury on the Victorian/NSW border, Mountain H2O products are proudly made in Australia. We are committed to bottling and marketing genuine, premium Australian spring water from our state of the art bottling facility.

With a dedicated and passionate team, our operation is completed by delivering exceptional customer service.

We have invested in some of the finest water bottling technology to ensure that quality of our premium natural spring water is maintained throughout the production process.


Established in 2000, Mountain H2O has built a reputation for supplying premium natural spring water - a direct result of our stringent quality controls and outstanding customer service.

At Mountain H2O we not only have some of the purest spring water in Australia, we use a world class process that ensures the purity and integrity of our premium spring water is able to be enjoyed by everyone.

Our spring water passes through a four stage micro filtration system, UV sterilisation and ozonation to ensure the purity of the water is maintained before our water travels to our purpose-built positive pressure ventilated labelling, filling and capping room. This entire process minimises the risk of any biological contamination and guarantees that our water is safe for consumption.

Contract Bottling

As one of the largest contract bottling operations in Australia, we have the necessary capabilities to allow you to develop a product with a label and packaging designs of your choice. We have an excellent design process which allows us to develop individual products, designs and pack sizes that meet our customers' unique ideas and concepts.

We can fill PET bottles from 350ml to 1.5L in a variety of pack configurations.

Please note - minimum production quantities and design, set up and warehousing charges may apply.

For further information please contact our sales team - sales@mountainh2o.com.au


In October 2009 Mountain H2O commissioned a new state-of-the-art bottling facility. Our new production process allows us to blow mould our PET bottles on site and to significantly reduce the weight of the PET bottles used to package our spring water. This commitment will see an estimated reduction of 914,000 kgs of PET used to produce our spring water products at Mountain H2O in 2010/11.

Blow moulding our own bottles has additional environmental benefits. Firstly a reduction in freight as we no longer need to source moulded bottles from suppliers in Melbourne and Sydney. Secondly the on-site blow moulding process has seen a reduction in water wastage of around 30% from our previous process.


Our very own Mountain H2O branded waters offer our customers a recognised, premium product at a cost competitive price.

We offer a safe alternative to an unknown water supply. Our customers have the utmost confidence because we only source premium water from natural Australian springs and our attention to the handling of our product is uncompromising.